don’t worry

when someone says don’t worry, it seems that perhaps that is exactly what i should do. or, at least, that has been my experience on my quest to have a baby. after another few months trying on our own, i pushed my gyno to do actual testing, other than just tell me that i was fine based on general blood work and ultrasound. he went ahead and scheduled an hsg and sis; “simple, in-office procedures” according to him. having no reason to doubt him, i headed over to his office during my lunch break. i was excited- thinking that this testing could be the key to figuring out why i was not pregnant yet. i was practically skipping in the door. 10 minutes later, i was screaming in the stirrups. whether it my low threshold to pain or his super understated explanation of what was going to happen that day, we will never know. but i can guarantee my screams scared a few women in the waiting room. according to, “a hysterosalpingogram is an X-ray test that looks at the inside of the uterus and fallopian tubes, and the area around them… involves the injection of radiographic dye into your uterus, and it must be performed by a radiologist or someone trained in radiographic imaging. the uterus fills with this dye, and if your fallopian tubes are clear, it will spill into your abdominal cavity.” “a saline sonogram is an ultrasound test done after a saline solution has been infused into the uterus. the test is used to detect uterine abnormalities such as polyps or cysts. the saline solution distends the uterus and acts as a contrast to the internal structure, which provides more detail than a conventional ultrasound.” fun for the whole family! that is unless you don’t have a family, which is why you get to have this testing- haha. after the pain subsided and i was safely tucked in my bed with 2 advil in my belly, i received a phone call from my doctor. he explained that everything looked great except that he saw some polyps, which can create issues for implantation, but he did not think it was necessary to worry about it at this stage. i thought about it for 2 minutes and told him that i disagreed. i wanted him to get them out as soon as possible, as to not waste anymore time. the fact that my insurance was ending at the end of june and that mr. was leaving for the summer to attend graduate school out of the area sealed the deal for me. it was now or never. we agreed on a polypectomy, to remove the polyps and a laparoscopy, to check the parts of my reproductive anatomy that were not visible through my uterus. when the surgery date arrived, i decided to cancel the lap and just have the polypectomy. i was scared of the recovery and was not sure of how necessary the surgery was. my gyno was not happy but allowed me to call the shots. when i woke up in recovery, he told me i was all clear; he had cleared out not only a few large ones but many small ones. he was positive that this was the answer to my problems. his last words to me that day were “i’ll be delivering your baby here soon enough.” i’m still waiting.

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